A Decade of Demi’s Animal Rescue  

In 2010, at the age of 14, Demi brought home the first 3 kittens to be welcomed into Demi’s Animal Rescue. It feels like just yesterday, yet here we are an entire decade later in 2020! The passing of ten years has created a Demi’s Animal Rescue dream team consisting of five board members that dedicate so much of their free time outside of full time jobs to saving lives. It has also brought together a special community of people that believe in ethical animal welfare without cutting corners – including passionate fosters, volunteers, adopters, donors and other supporters. All of these people play a huge part in the lives that continue to be saved and we all continue to grow and learn together. The last ten years have been nothing short of amazing and we are ready to take it up a notch!


Demi’s Animal Rescue is celebrating a decade in operation by opening a thrift store and cat adoption center! Although we will continue to save ALL dogs and cats through our existing foster program, our adoption center will be dedicated to housing specific groups of cats that we have identified as overlooked and in need.  The adoption center will consist of two free roaming cat rooms and will focus on providing a space for senior cats, bonded pairs, under socialized cats, black cats, FIV positive cats and more. These are cat populations that have high euthanization rates in shelters , are easily overlooked, or are not provided the opportunity they need to thrive in the shelter due to the stressful environment. Due to the nature of a free roaming space, we will not be able to accommodate cats with highly contagious diseases or cat aggressive cats  in the center, but will continue to try to provide for those cats in our foster program as we are able to.


We are excited to announce that in our first big step in preparation of opening, we have obtained a storage space to begin collecting thrift store donations. If you are interested in donating, please make sure that your items fit within our criteria listed below. Please email to schedule a drop off time for your donation and to seek approval of large items.