About Us

Demi’s Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue that focuses on complete rehabilitation. With the goal of bringing Colorado closer to a no kill state, we focus on the mending of individual creatures, both physically and emotionally, then finding the best matches for adoption. Specializing in the behavioral reconditioning of even the most difficult pets, once an animal reaches Demi’s Animal Rescue, it only gets better from here.

After years of advocating for animals, Demi started Demi’s Animal Rescue – a registered 501c(3) non profit organization. Today, we have grown to a 5-member board and continue to make great strides in our endeavors to save more animals.

Our Staff

Demi Merritt- Founder & President  :: demi@demisanimalrescue.com

April Merritt – Treasurer :: april@demisanimalrescue.com 

Jessica Roeger: Marketing & Fundraising Manager :: jessica@demisanimalrescue.com

Kaylee Walters: Database Manager/Volunteer Coordinator :: kaylee@demisanimalrescue.com

Aimee Wright: Foster Coordinator :: aimee@demisanimalrescue.com


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