About Us

Located in Aurora, Colorado – Demi’s Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue that focuses on solving pet homelessness through adoption, spay/neuter and pet retention. We do not discriminate against any animal that is in need and open our door to all regardless of their breed, age or special care required. We strive to see the day that pet homelessness is eliminated worldwide. Once an animal reaches Demi’s Animal Rescue… It Only Gets Better From Here.

After years of advocating for animals, Demi started Demi’s Animal Rescue – a registered 501c(3) non profit organization. Today, we have grown to a 5-member board and continue to make great strides in our endeavors to save more animals.

So What Makes Us Different?

We Do Not Discriminate:

A lot of organizations specialize in a specific breed, they may only take seniors or they may specialize in kittens and puppies and there is nothing wrong with that! Demi’s Animal Rescue realizes that all types of animals are in need and are a victim of the pet homelessness, so we are open to take all cats and dogs. We have taken pit bulls, healthy kittens, special needs seniors, etc. As long as there is a foster available that is equipped to take the animal in need, the rescue is willing to support that animal and take it under it’s wing!

This goes for fosters and adopters as well! Our approach is keeping in mind that although it may not seem like it sometimes, most people have the best intentions. A lot of small things that a foster or adopter would be denied for at another organization could be easily fixed with some education and effort. We believe that with these two things, most people will make the right decisions and in turn will help with our mission. Some of our best supporters were denied somewhere else for extremely small or fixable reasons. Taking the time and effort, really helps keep these people on the right track instead of pushing them towards breeders, pet stores or other sources of pets that we are trying to eliminate. An amazing home can’t always be chosen based off a questionnaire which is why we like to engage in conversation to get a real idea of who they are.

Demi’s Animal Rescue is a Place That an Animal Can Grow, Improve and Rehabilitate:

This is not just another place for a pet to pass through, but rather a place for improvement. We believe that there is no point in taking an animal and passing onto an adopter in the same day, without true knowledge on the pet. Pet Retention (or preventing animals from being rehomed) is a key ingredient to solving pet homelessness. Truly knowing a pet before sending him or her off to a forever home has the largest success rate for a pet staying in their forever home. When an animal comes to Demi’s Animal Rescue, a 7 step checklist will be followed for every pet to ensure that the pet is ready for adoption and to ensure that a proper match is found.

Demi’s Animal Rescue Has Big Goals:

We are growing and taking steps forward every day. We strive to become better at what we do and more importantly to save more animals! We have many long term goals that we are working towards and need help to reach them!

We Do Work on All Sides of the Issue:

Although our work is based around taking in homeless pets and finding forever homes for them, we do work on all sides of the issue. We do work to end Breed Specific Legislation, participate in Spay and Neuter efforts, help low income families feed their pets to help them be able to keep them, provide resources to families having issues with their pets to increase pet retention, involve the younger generations in pet rescue and more. If there is an opportunity to help with the big picture of pet homelessness we jump on it and try to work all sides of the issue.

Working Board Members


Demi Merritt- Founder & President


I founded Demi’s Animal Rescue in high school after spending years doing fundraisers and volunteering for a variety of organizations. I also spent a large amount of time putting dissection policies in place at my schools, fighting to end Breed Specific Legislation, and even helping with emergency vet bills that owners could not afford. I decided that I wanted to create my own organization with all of the information & skills and I had gathered and then DAR started in my parents basement! It started out as fostering just a couple cats at a time in “cat rooms” my family built. I graduated a year early from high school to pursue saving lives further. While running DAR for over 8 years, my priorities lie within leadership, grant writing, program implementation, corporate sponsorships, monthly giving program, blog writing, education and business planning and growth.


April Merritt – Treasurer


I became involved in animal rescue quite by accident,  haha! My daughter Demi was very passionate about animals from a very young age, and when she decided to bring home 3 kittens and start a rescue of course she had my full support and encouragement.  The first few years it was just the two of us, until the rescue grew to the point where we needed more help to continue saving animals lives.  Thats where the rest of our board members come in.  Whew!! My job in the rescue is mainly bookeeping, other clerical type duties and keeping headquarters clean and organzied.    I also foster, do adoptions, and help with our various events.  I have 2 male cats of my own, Zen and Sake,  who are awsome with fosters!! They really teach the newcomers love and patience. Everyone in the family is always helping out with the rescue.  My husband thinks he is an animal whisperer, I think it might be possible?  Along with my husband, daughter Demi, (founder and president of DAR) 3 sons,  2 daughter- in- laws (one a board member), and mom and dad, we all help by attending, volunteering , and supporting fundraising, adoption, and spay & neuter events.

When I’m not doing rescue work, I am working for The Social Movement where I also do the bookkeeping.  It is a Social Media Company that I own with my husband and son.  For fun I like to be adventures sometimes, (I’ve repelled a 300 ft waterfall, and have gone skydiving)  travel occasionally, go to the movies often, attend some fun concerts, yoga, meditation, some hiking, dabble in screenwriting and just hang out with family and friends.

I am very proud to be a part of an amazing organization that has and will continue to make an impact in the world by saving animals lives!


Kaylee Merritt – Medical Care Coordinator


I joined the amazing DAR team in 2013 when I was fresh out of high school Not having a clue in the world what I was wanting to do with my life. I knew I had a passion for animals so I reached out to Demi and here we are many years later! I love our incredible team of kind, compassionate and extremely caring fosters and I can’t wait for you to also join our team so we can see the day pet homelessness is eliminated worldwide! We are more than a rescue, we are family! <3


Aimee Wright – TNR Program Manager


Well, I’m a 45 year old unmarried women, what else was I suppose to do other than become a crazy cat lady!? I’m also a certified reiki master, psychic and Angel card reader, master nutritionist and a hair dresser. I have a shop in the Blue Bird district and love the colorful people who walk Colfax. I’m a vegan and passionate about animal welfare, so of course I love being part of Demis Animal Rescue and being around  like minded people.


Jessica Roeger – Development & Operations Manager


My journey with Demi’s started as foster and quickly grew from there! I adopted two of my three cats, Willow & Zephyr through the rescue and have one other cat who I adopted when I was 17 – Lexie. I do a little bit of everything within the rescue, but my main focus is helping to grow the rescue through fundraising & development, as well as as handling our databases, website and promotion of the rescue.

Volunteer Team Members

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Katie Kenpler : Adoption Event Coordinator 

I came to know Demi’s Animal Rescue as I was looking to foster kittens a few months after the passing of our Alley cat, and the recent hurricane in Texas displacing so many animals. I am a two time foster failure, adopting my adorable Halloween fur babies, Windsor & Cassidy (greatest failure 😉). I continued volunteering at events and being on site support for the rescue, as well as a dedicated advocate for the group! I was fortunate to be able to put my professional background in events and love for animals to great use in my new role as DAR’s Event Coordinator (I accept Speed Date Matchmaker as well). I am eager to align our events to raise awareness and support for DAR, but most importantly: get our wonderful animals noticed, adopted, and forever loved in their Furever home.

Lifesaving Stats

Intake minus non live outcome, divided by intake

2019 Stats – Save Rate: 97.14%2019 Annual Report

2018 Stats – Save Rate: 98.27%

2017 Stats – Save Rate: 98.82%

2016 Stats – Save Rate: 98.82%