Nemo was just a kitten whose condition reflected neglect and malnutrition when I first saw her. I met Nemo in Antonito, Colorado, which is home to a population of stray cats and dogs, and is also the reason I went to volunteer at their community spay and neuter clinic.

When I brought her home to Demi’s Animal Rescue, Nemo was weak and thin from a poor diet. She was given food, but she couldn’t stomach any of it. This recurred with everything she ate. The Colorado State University Vet department found that her esophagus was damaged for reasons unknown. As they ran more tests they also discovered that her condition was inoperable. The veterinarian suggested either euthanasia, or giving a high-protein liquid diet a try to see if she could make it through. Demi’s Animal Rescue chose the latter, and fed her with a syringe three times a day.

Five months later, Nemo was adopted out to an amazing home. Her name is now Miranda and she has an awesome kitty sister. She has since grown stronger and become full of life. Her diet is the same, but her owner is happy to accommodate her needs in exchange for Nemo’s love and companionship!