This is a very special story that spans over the course of 2-3 weeks and will gain a new beginning in 4 days…

Bangkok is filled with cats and dogs running the streets, you see them everywhere on a daily basis. You get pretty accustomed to it after living there for a while, those that are in worse shape stand out, but overall the locals live along side them. They are called Soi Dogs named after Bangkok allies which are called Soi’s.

None of them are very skinny. This majority Buddhist country believes that feeding the Soi dogs and cats brings them good karma and as a result you see as many bowls of food and water lining the streets as you do animals. Unfortunately that is where the care usually stops. They do not get love or get to come inside, they simply make their rounds for food.

Neu Ku (translation for Soulmate in Thai) was different though. He begged for a better life after finding us. He was slightly skinnier than the other dogs he hung out with, but over all was a happy healthy boy. In the video you will see the persistence of him finding myself and my partner, Doug. When we returned I was convinced that I was meant to bring him back with me. So I looked for him everyday for over a week. I made lap after lap, I learned to ask, “Have you seen him?” in Thai and showed his photo to everyone I passed. No one recognized him…

Finally after investigating and spending a lot of hot days looking for him, we found him. I took him to the vet, he was overall pretty healthy, but had some blood parasites, which he has been treated for and is likely why he was skinnier than the others. He was neutered, vaccinated, given a full blood panel, microchipped, parasite and heart worm tested and examined.

I was then able to find a wonderful foster home for him, with a guy named Peter. Peter is VERY experienced with Soi dogs and does this on a daily basis. I visited Neu Ku on my way to the airport and I was brought to tears at leaving him, but I knew I would follow through on my promise to him. After nearly three months at figuring out how to get him to join me in Denver, his flight is scheduled at he will be arriving in Denver on Friday, April 6th, 2018!

Many Soi dogs deserve a chance at a better life where they can be free from being road kill, abused, or poisoned. If you’re interested in fostering a dog from Bangkok, there is a long list of dogs waiting for a new chance at life! If you’re interested in donating to Bangkok animals, you can do so on are website by clicking on the donate tab and making a note that it is for Bangkok animals!

Neu Ku’s progress as he starts his new life in Denver will be posted here, so keep checking back!!