Alright… I am going to show a darker side to not spaying and neutering your pets… In the first area of Bali we stayed in called Jimbaran we were walking along the road when we heard the loudest most desperate sounding cries.

It was coming from this little guy. Practically a newborn, eyes and ears still closed and stuck inbetween two pieces of broken concrete. It broke my heart and I became so upset that I felt the need to show people to promote change.

I was put in a very difficult position. I could take the puppy, who clearly needed to be bottle fed and try and find someone to do that by the time I flew out of Bali or I could hope that this little fellas mom was taking care of him. Due to his plump body and a local pointing out a nearby nursing dog claiming it to be his mom, I put him in a more comfortable spot and hoped for the best…

I don’t know if I did the best thing, but I hope I did. Trying to find care for an animal in a new country is hard and in a place that isn’t abundant with shelters and rescues, you find yourself at a loss. This is why we need to step up and this is why we need to push education and spay and neuter efforts in these areas.