Did you know that we have a working cat program?

Sometimes cats that come through our TNR program cannot be released back where they came from. Della was trapped with her kittens in Westminster. Her kittens entered our foster program where they were placed for adoption after socialization and we kept Della a few weeks to see if she was truly feral.

After many failed attempts and a clear indication that she was absolutely miserable inside, we decided that we would re release her… until our vet told us how bad her teeth were.

Della was in an extreme amount of pain due to nerves being exposed and we decided to have a dental done on her where nearly every tooth was removed. Although she was now pain free, we thought this may present some disadvantages if she was re released.

We decided to find a barn home for her where she would have a shelter, source of (wet) food, water and someone to care for her! Out of coincidence the adopter has another cat with no teeth!

Della went home where she will be settling into her new home with many animal friends, which she LOVES! We are so thankful for your support which allows us to help all of our kitty friends and ensures that we do everything we can for them!