Zephyr was saved from a high-kill shelter in Roswell, NM just hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized. This beautiful 6 month old kitty got his 2nd chance at life!

He arrived at Demi’s Animal Rescue covered in fleas – but otherwise seemingly healthy and a total sweetheart. Just about a week after he arrived to his foster home, he started throwing up and was getting lethargic. He was taken to the after-hours vet, who thought he may have eaten something that was stuck in his system. They sent him home and suggested he get some x-rays during regular hours the next day. His foster mom stayed up all night monitoring him and rushed him to the vet first thing in the morning after he got progressively worse during the night.

After several tests, he was diagnosed with Panleukopenia, a highly contagious, often fatal viral disease in cats. It is estimated that up to 90% of kittens that contract Panleukopenia do not make it. There is no way to treat Panleukopenia itself; the only way to help is to assist the animal by giving him fluids and antibiotics to help his body fight off secondary infections. The goal is to keep the body strong enough to hopefully fight off the virus. Zephyr spent a full week in the ER receiving around-the-clock care. Finally, we received the call that he seemed to have kicked the virus and was ready to go back to his foster home!

Unfortunately, the virus had lowered his immune system. After he came home, he contracted ringworm. The poor guy had a huge bald patch above his eye, literally taking up half of his forehead. There was also a spot that spread to his leg. The ringworm took about 3 weeks to clear up and for the hair to start growing back.

This little guy is one of the biggest fighters to come through the rescue, and they are so happy to have played a part in helping him survive not once, but twice! Demi’s staff were able to save him within hours of being put down, as well as provide the medical care necessary, due to fabulous supporters and veterinarians that work with them. His foster parents just couldn’t bear to give him up after going through all of this with him, so he is happily living in the first real home he ever knew, with two kitty sisters.