I was simply unprepared for this challenge and for that I sincerely apologize. After spending 4 nights in Emmundi, we headed to Mount Tambourine, which is a rainforest on a mountain. Due to it being a rainforest, well… it was always raining. We paid for a power outlet, which couldn’t charge my computer because I could not leave it out in the rain. We went and bought a power cord to feed into the car and that did not fit our bulky US converters. So back to the store we went for a surge protector and it finally worked!

Although we couldn’t find wifi on the mountain I could at least write the posts each day and post them at once! Nope! We had fallen asleep with the window down and my computer left in the seat and it was wet by the time we got to it. It wouldn’t turn on until today, but I am so relieved it dried out and I wont be without a computer because I wouldn’t be able to afford a new one!

I know I write these posts in a joyful and fun way, or at least I try to… But I can ensure you this period of living in our car hasn’t been easy. When I thought I was going to go without a computer (which I do ALL of my rescue work from now) I cried in the middle of a coffee shop trying to get it to work. I really wanted to complete this challenge, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me, but I will continue from here until I get to 10 posts as promised.

Mount Tambourine was beautiful, but we just simply weren’t prepared. The rain, mud and bugs got to us pretty quick. It made productivity and progression extremely difficult.

We left a day early and headed to Byron Bay. So far things are a lot better here, besides the insane heat! We found a library with WiFi we can work at and the beaches are beautiful to cool off in in between.

We will be back in a house on Thursday in Redcliffe. Although it has been fun traveling around the past two weeks, we are excited to be clean, sleep in a bed, and to have AC (our car doesn’t have AC!!).

I hope you all forgive me if you follow my blog and I do sincerely apologize… It has been a rough couple weeks, but I did think you all deserved an explanation, even though it seems like a list of excuses…