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One day in Bali, we took an all day tour to look at a range of things this beautiful place has to offer. This included temples, waterfalls, villages, and their famously known rice fields.
As we were hiking back up these brilliantly design fields there was a coffee shop which we decided to stop and have a coffee at over looking the scenery. As we sat down at the table I noticed two kittens that were playing and romping around. When I proceeded to head to the bathroom, which was right by the kitchen I noticed MANY more cats and kittens. The kitchen was filled with them, including this little guy.

This group of kittens couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 weeks old. I had the pleasure to meet who I think was their mom, who was feeding on some coconut scraps that were thrown on the ground.
The cooks seemed a little confused as to why I was crawling around their kitchen taking photos of all of their cats and petting them at that.

I have noticed that demonstration is such a powerful thing. I think if we shamelessly do what is right in front of others, they will think, and maybe even change. I do not think that these people hate these animals, or abuse them, but I think that they have become accustomed to having them roam the streets and don’t think much about it. If they see someone not afraid to pet their dirty fur or concerned about their mange and crusty eyes, they may grow a concern as well.

Education is such a powerful thing that goes missed far too often. I believe that the people in the countries, cities, and towns where strays are abundant would be willing to help if they simple KNEW. These are not cruel people, all they need is to know what to do.