The saying, “I’m just killing time” has been bothering me lately… I am guilty of saying it, thinking it, or actually committing the crime just as much as anybody else. It is a horrible thing though, really.

It is my birthday today. It forces me to look back on how far I have come as a person, and I am happy with everything I have been able to accomplish. It also forces me to look at the unknown amount of time that I have left.

I everyone has to ask themselves, “What do I want to do with the remaining time I have and what do I want to live to see happen?”

For me that’s easy. I have far too many things I would like to see and do. Relationships with people I want to create and cherish, places I want to go, animals I want to save, and history making changes I want to help accomplish for homeless animals. Honestly I don’t think I have enough time for everything, but I am sure going to try.

The first step is to try to not kill the time that we have.


Time is precious and we all get different amounts of it. The scary part is you don’t know how much you will be given. So, next time someone asks you what you’re doing trying replying with, “Creating _________, or saving ___________, or spending time with __________, or working on myself.” Don’t reply with, “Eh, just killing time.”