It is common that people ask me, “How did you start rescuing animals at such a young age?” There are collections of stories leading up to the creation of Demi’s Animal Rescue.

My work to save animals began in elementary school. A group of friends and I started a neighborhood dog walking business. We saved the money, and were going to donate it to a local animal related charity. Eventually we had $500 in the bank and began searching for a cause to donate it to. During that time, my brother’s rescue dog ended up at the emergency vet after an accident.

The veterinarian told my brother that the only chance for his dog, Kobi, to live was to keep him on oxygen in hopes that he would improve. My brother, being a hard working and a broke college student, really had a hard time covering the cost. It was especially hard knowing that Kobi’s chances of living were low. He was able to receive a loan through an emergency vet program, but it still wasn’t enough. My dog-walking group decided that the $500 was best spent helping Kobi, a dog we all loved so much.

Kobi lived and is 7 years old today. He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met, and is living a beautiful life with my brother and our family. This was the first life I felt like I played a part in saving and it will always have a very important place in my heart.