This post is extremely emotional for me to write for many reasons, but I feel it is important to give all of our supporters thorough updates on what is going on…

On October 18th, 2016 I will be moving out of the country to Australia. I will be there about the length of my working visa, which lasts one year. My boyfriend has been planning this trip for years, and eventually invited me to go with him. I made the decision pretty quickly, once I realized it was truly a once in a life time opportunity, even though it was a scary one.  I have never lived outside of Colorado and so my first move out of the state, will quite literally be across the world.

We have the same goal of allowing a new country to expand our knowledge about what we love. He is a journalist and will be seeking out jobs in that field while doing projects on culture and travel and also working on his short stories and books.

My goal is to learn more about Pet Homelessness in another part of the world. I want to learn more about fundraising and interesting programs which have been successful (and not successful) for rescues and shelters in different parts of Australia. I will be applying what I learn to Demi’s Animals Rescue in to effort to ultimately save more lives.

I believe that this trip will teach me a lot and improve me as a person. I love everything that I have in Denver, but this is simply something I can’t pass up and something I can use to push Demi’s Animal Rescue to become an even better organization and to save even more lives. I have even bigger ideas I want to persue, but I will wait until they are more developed to release them.

Now what ALL of you are probably wondering… YES Demi’s Animal Rescue will continue to run, as normal, in Colorado. The remaining 4 board members along with volunteers and fellow supporters will continue doing the ground work here. Everyone involved in this organization wants to see it continue and I could not be more thankful for such a supportive group of people! You may see some minor changes, but overall most of what I do is from my computer now a days anyway, and I will continue to work hard on the organization abroad! The last few board meetings have been spent doing minor reorganization, so that the rescue is set up for success when I leave. I truly hope that all of you continue to support this organization as it continues to grow and improve.

I will be blogging regularly from Australia with words, photos and video so all of you stay updated on what I am learning and how it applies to saving lives! I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you and show you that I am still working hard on this mission of solving pet homelessness! You can follow the blog here!

If you’d like to get ahold of me after I leave to say hello, catch up, or to ask questions feel free to email me at or friend me on Facebook and send me a private message or call me! My full name is Demi Merritt.

I am very excited to get started on this adventure, even though being gone for a year will be very hard. I hope you all follow along on my adventures with me and continue to help us save lives! If you have any connections for us, also shoot me an email!! 🙂