Doug and I have reached a point in our journey where we are in between houses and have decided to fill the gap with car camping… That’s right, sleeping in our car. This way we can save money, go where ever we please and challenge ourselves.

As if two people sleeping in a tiny Kia Rio, unprepared with minimal camping gear, and living off non-perishable foods isn’t enough of a challenge, I have decided to take it a step further and try to write a blog post everyday for the rest of this period. I have 10 days left before we get to our next house.

It is so important to push and challenge yourself. Whether these challenges are small or big. You give yourself room to grow, think, learn about yourself and possibly even shed light on a new path, perhaps enough light will shed to see the trail going off in a different direction.

Getting outside your comfort zone applies literally. When you are curled up in bed and you found your sweet spot, very few things are going to cause you to move. You may say no to the hunger in your belly, the need to do a chore or even going to the bathroom. Comfort is one of those things that holds a spot of value near the top.

Think about what happens when you are having a night of tossing and turning. No matter what you do, you just cannot get comfortable!! We’ve all had that experience and as frustrating as it is, it prompts you to try an arrangement of things until you are comfortable again. Maybe you pull out a book, look for animals that need help, or work on some overdue projects. You may end up tired and exhausted the next day, but it got you moving!

I’ve recently observed that your comfort levels in your every day life work in a similar manner. When you are uncomfortable it is annoying, exhausting and you know… uncomfortable, but it gets you moving, experimenting and propelling you forward.

In animal rescue or any type of passion, this is a huge factor to consider. Doing the things you know you are good at is comfortable. When you push yourself to do something that is uncomfortable you will eventually succeed. You will see great leap you have taken and the larger impact you’ve made. Demi’s Animal Rescue tries to do new and unique things with the hope of growing and saving more lives. Comment below what you are doing or planning on doing to push you outside of your comfort zone. Let’s Get Uncomfortable!!